Gas Analysis

200 Series GC

200series1The 200 series compact gas chromatograph with its patented flow through technology is now well established at providing excellent chromatographic performance and reliability.

Each GC is a dedicated single channel unit with a split / split-less injector, programmable pressure control and a choice of three detector options. With either a flame ionisation, thermal conductivity, or electron capture detector the 200 series GC can cover most of the analytical applications in industry today. Manual or Automatic Gas sampling Valves can also be fitted to the 200 Series GC.

300 Series GC

300series1The 300 series fast GC is an unconventional gas chromatograph using directly heated columns for rapid heating and cool down. It is truly a fast GC with cycle times measure in seconds and not minutes. The system does not have an oven as in a conventional GC products because direct heating of the column eliminates the need for one.

The 300 Series fast GC is equipped with a split/splitless injector, EFC (Electronic Flow Control), 4-channel EPPC (Electronic Programmable Pressure Control), various detector options and boasts a small footprint of just 320mm x 370mm that makes it a valuable space saver. The columns are made by Restek of Silcosteel and are available in multiple phases and a wide range of dimensions.

A major bonus feature of the system is ACI (Automatic Column Installation) allowing for easy push button exchanges of columns. The column cartridge design allows the ACI feature to de-skill column changing and installation by removing the need for wrenches and column nuts. Simply place the column cartridge in position, press the column install button and let the install mechanism align and seal the column.

200 Series Autosampler

EL3200A_autosamplerThe 200 series autosampler has been designed for use with Ellutia’s own award winning 200 series gas chromatograph. It has been designed to compliment the GC in both looks and price. With Up to 23 sample positions and up to 4 injections per vial selectable in the method setup the 205 series autosampler is more than suitable for overnight runs.

The 205 series autosampler can accept either 0.5,5 or 10 microliter syringes. The injection volume can be set to either 10, 20, 50 or 100% of the syringes volume when setting up a method. The 200 series autosampler comes with IPC (Intelligent Plunger Control) to allow for self calibration of zero volume for syringes. This system also monitors the plunger for any signs of resistance (if the syringe has become sticky) and warns the user so they syringe may be cleaned to avoid potential damage to the plunger.

HT300A Liquid GC Autosampler

EL3000A_autosamplerThe HT300A is a GC autosampler made to meet the liquid injection needs of your Gas Chromatography analysis. A simple, elegant, reliable and inexpensive way to extend the life of your existing GC!

The HT300A is compatible with all major brands and model of GC currently in use, including all those from Agilent, Shimadzu, Varian, Perkin-Elmer, Carlo Erba and many more.

The autosampler is also available with a 10 position fixed (HT310A) tray. Syringes of 1 to 100µl may be used and with the option of a special large injection version, this can be increased to 1000µl per sample.

HT200H Headspace Autosampler

EL2000H_autosamplerThe HT200H is a headspace autosampler made to meet the needs of static Headspace injection for GC analysis. It operates with all major GC systems including Agilent, Shimadzu, Varian and many more.

The elegant swivel head design mimics the actions of manual injection and removes the need for transfer lines. Mounting directly on your GC, The HT200H does not use any bench space. It is also one of the most economical headspace samplers around.

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